Repairing Spider Cracks on Honda Fit Fog Light

Ok, this goes down as the most creative way to fix “spider cracks” in a glass headlight!  Pasco Fix is ideal for fixing headlights, foglights, windshields, plastic auto lenses, and much more!  As originally posted on Honda Fit Forums, this creative genius writing as forum member “macbuddy” posted this on February 25, 2011:

About a month ago, the inevitable happened, a rock cracked the lens on my driver-side fog light. The light still works, but there was a 1/4″ gap left in the middle of the lens.


To save it from further damage, I Superglued the hairline cracks with Pasco Fix. Next, I had to find something to patch that hole, I didn’t want water or debris to get in there. I searched the garage for something to patch it up. After a few minutes of rummaging through my stuff, I found something perfect for the job.
With a steady hand, and a bit more Superglue, I attached the “patch.” Project done!

Honda Fit Headlight Repair

Now, people will stop saying, “Hey, did you know your foglight is broken?”

Honda Fit Foglight Repair



Macbuddy, thanks for the post!  If you see this, give us a contact so we can send you a bottle of glue to thank you for the post! Use Pasco Fix industrial adhesives to take your repair projects to the MAX. One drop does it all!

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