Repairing an Automotive Plastic Radiator

Big thanks to PascoFix.Si for this great video!  Here the demonstration shows a plastic radiator from a vehicle.  While the video is not in English, you can clearly see the proper steps to making the radiator repair. Pasco Fix is the highest quality German Super Glue available on the market today. Take your repairs to the MAX. One drop does it all!

Step #1:  Remove debris and clean with Pasco Clean or acetone
Step #2:  Use Pasco Prime to prime the hard-to-glue plastic for optimal bonding
Step #3:  Apply Pasco Fix or Pasco Pepp Glue
Step #4:  Apply Pasco Fill powder, and carefully add more Fill until the glue stops absorbing it.
Step #5:  Repeat steps #3 and #4 in layers, continually adding more glue and more filler to build up the thickness around the connection
Step #6:  Optional – Add Pasco Accelerator to cause more thorough and quicker cure time

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