How to glue LGB plastic parts

Need to fix LGB plastic parts on your model trains?  This excerpt originally appeared on where different methods and glues were tried to repair this type of plastic.   Here’s a great testimonial about how Pasco Fix works great for model trains:

Post by “pagosarr” on March 30, 2009:

Just wanted y’all to know I have been following this thread closely. I have always had a generous supply of IPS Weld-On #16 on hand: but, that didn’t work for me. I tried MEK – also have plenty of that around – didn’t work. Made a brew of MEK, toluene and acetone (aka carburetor cleaner) which didn’t work.”‘Crazy Glue” didn’t work. Found something that did work! It’s called Pasco Fix – see Fixed all my waiting repairs successfully in just a few minutes. BTW, these were all small parts repairs. I scratched up the contact surfaces and cleaned them with carbon tet with each attempt of repair – I know – you aren’t supposed to have this stuff but I have kept a supply around for many years. Best industrial solvent I’ve ever known.
So – just wanted y’all to know I found a solution.
Roger Bush
Fredericksburg  TX
Fredericksburg, Mount Alamo and Southern

With the best-in-class German Super Glue Pasco Fix, now you can take your repairs to the MAX. 1 drop does it all!

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