How To Fix Corvette Cracked Interior Pieces

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A DIFFERENT cheap fix for cracked interior pieces

I noticed in the other recent thread on this topic that his dash reskin project started with a very small crack.

I thought Id share with you guys how I addressed this problem.
When I started my restoration, I knew I wanted to restore it to original, but unfortunately there were damaged areas all over the interior. And I was too broke to replace major interior parts. Fortunately they were small enough to repair.
These interior pieces are foam wrapped in vinyl, whick cracks very easily. I discovered a glue that repairs this type of material very easily.
I’m a graphic artist, so I am a little crafty, but I think anyone could do this.
I started with an expensive (but worth it) glue called PascoFix. Its used in conjunction with PascoFill. Pascofix is similar to superglue, but comes in a larger bottle, maybe 2-3oz. and is MUCH stronger. PascoFill is a granular filler, resembling white sand. It comes in the same sized bottle…

Heres a link:

Anyway, Ill give examples of how I fixed certain common problems.

Ill start with the dash.
My dash was ok, with one large crack near the drivers side A-pillar that went almost from front to back.
I poured the PascoFill in the crack and leveled it off. then I lightly added Pascofix as needed. When the two touch, they bond/dry instantly making a rock hard repair. Try not to get too much excess because the dash material is weaker than the PascoFix, so material removal takes a LIGHT and exact touch. I sanded the crack smooth.
Then I turned the dash over, and sparingly allowed the PascoFix to soak into the foam behind the speaker grill that had no cracks. this instantly turns the speaker grills from the most fragile part on your car to the hardest part of the dash. Its amazing and will never crack, ever. Anyway, the one that was cracked, I “welded” together with PascoFix and PascoFill. I LIGHTLY sanded the grill smooth
I refinished the dash with vinyl paint.

The final repair does not have the texture that the original does, but If you can keep the repair small enough, it isnt noticeable. My dash looks practically perfect…

The door panels can be treated the same way. Use it to fill small holes in the vinyl and cover with vinyl paint.

The mid-console area had cracks toward the front corners, and upon closer inspection, I found out that it was broken into pieces and was held together by the vinyl itself.
I clamped the piece together. I used the PascoFill generously to fill in the cracks in the fiberglass, pooling it up real nice in the corners like a weld bead. then add the PascoFix and it welds the pieces back together instantly. once done, these welds are stronger than the fiberglass itself.
I also used it to fill the forward corners of the piece and rebuild the material there as they were practically busted to pieces. Its too hard to replicate the stitching there, so kiss that goodbye unless youre an ace with this stuff…

There were areas that I didnt want to sand, or needed just a little bit more help than the Pasco can offer.
for this I bought a vinyl repair kit from eBay. Throw away the directions.
Use the black (or whatever color your pieces are) to sculpt, fill, or build wherever you need it. Then use a heat gun to dry the stuff. It can be LIGHTLY sanded if need be, but this is discouraged.

All pieces are painted with vinyl paint to match.

i also used PascoFix to reattach the thread tubes (?) that are attached to the rear interior quarter panels that bolt to the metal painted strip in the door jamb. Sorry for the stupid terminology…

If you were sitting in my interior, you would be hard pressed to find any repairs in the car but the ones that were large scale like the dash crack. I bet I repaired 150 small cracks and nicks total. Even the dash crack is very hard to see from the drivers seat, and impossible from the passenger seat or outside the car through the windshield. All minor repairs are invisible to the point to where I cant even find them to show people where they were.

If you try it, good luck, all it takes time and patience, thats it.



Thanks Derrick for the great post about Pasco Fix! This is a great creative use for our product. Repairing plastic cracks is an ideal use for the Pasco Fill powder, and it should last forever!

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