Fixing the roll bars on a 1964 Mercury Comet model

Here’s another great use of the Pasco Fix and Pasco Fill combination to fix plastic roll bars on a car model.  This demonstrates how Pasco Fix clearly goes beyond regular model glue.  This article originally appeared in the MassCar Model Club newsletter Fall 2013:

Building something – Part 4
1964 Mercury Comet
Warren Moffatt

Well, I finally have some more time so let’s get building. I went back to painting the body and my luck, being what it is, nearly made the project a candidate for the “High impact” test. The paint I was going to use was Kustom Kolors Aqua Blue. I’m not sure if the paint is bad or I need to thin it more. I didn’t want to experiment again on this project so it went into the CSC for a full 5 days to get the paint off. Stepping back and taking a deep breath, I decided to stick with what I know so I picked out a 10 can of Dupli-Color FM 322 Dark Cranberry Metallic and after priming the body once again sprayed a few light coats. I let each coat set about 15-20 minutes and after a few hours, I laid down a couple “wet” coats and let dry. In a few days I’ll clear coat and a few days later I’ll go on to polish it out.


After looking at the mocked up model I had to ask “What’s missing?” The answer… well based on the fact that the donor kit is technically a race car (no actual “street” T-Bolts) a roll bar is required on most, if not all quarter mile cars. So I pulled out some .080 diameter (approx. 3” dia.) styrene rod and went to work building one. I could have used solder and make rounded bends but I chose to go with the low-tech approach. I created the basic bar and then went to cutting braces to fit. I had to do a lot test fitting to get the height right. I used a glue purchased at the LIARS show called PASCO FIX. It’s sort of a superglue but when used with the PASCO FILL (ceramic powder) it fills very solid. (Tex reviewed this a few issues back in the newsletter). It worked well on the roll bar.

plasticrollbarcometmodel plasticrollbarcometmodel2
I tried to find spots that could be theoretically cut for the roll bar supports without having to rebuild an entire interior. I will be going on to more paint detailing on the interior and painting and fixing the roll bar in place. May be a little padding on the roll bars. That’s it for now.


Thanks to Warren for this very creative and effective use of Pasco Fix and Pasco Fill!

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