Fix Gelcoat Cracks and Holes with Pasco Fix and Fill

Here’s a great user testimonial about fixing gelcoat cracks and holes using a combination of Pasco Fix and Pasco Fill.  This originally appeared on Rum Runner Racing Forum on October 2, 2003 by forum member“pcf21″:


After posting a response to RvE about gelcoat cracks, I did a search to see if anyone had made any posts about this product, PASCO, that I have been using for about two and half years; there were no posts, so here goes – this is just an FYI thing, and I have no vested interest in this product other than I have used it extensively and swear by it.
“PASCO” is a German CA that is incredibly strong. It is of the consistency of “medium” CA, so it’ll flow, but it won’t run & “wick” all over the place like thin CA glues. They call this part of it PASCO “FIX.” It is, without question, the strongest CA I have ever used. It is so strong it will actually bond silicone and vinyl tubing – and you cannot break the bond!

The other product that they make is called PASCO “FILL.” This is a finely ground glass that one can use to fill voids, holes etc… When used in conjunction with “FIX,” it instantly turns into a sandable, machineable and tapable compound that is as hard and as durable as a rock. It is also completely waterproof.

Where I have found this to be especially applicable to boats is when I have either knocked holes in my hulls or during modifications to hulls, where I have cut holes or shaved off plastic prop shaft skegs, (I don’t know what else to call them?!), and the like.

The stuff is really easy to use; from the outside of the hull, use masking tape, (I always use the blue stuff), and just tape over the hole. Then from inside the hull, use “FILL” to cover over the hole – it pours like really fine sand – and you can go as thin with it as you want. Once the “FILL” is in place, you simply flow “FIX” into the “FILL” and it is done.

Last summer, I hit a submerged log with my crackerbox and tore the skeg right out of the bottom of the boat. When it came out, it left a hole larger in diameter than a quarter. After drying the boat off enough for the tape to stick to it, I did a PASCO repair just like I described above. The boat was back in the water in less than 15 minutes.

If anyone wants more info on this stuff, let me know & I’ll dig out the literature that I have on it. I’m pretty sure that they have a US distributor in New York or New Jersey – my local hobby store here in Ohio had it; that’s who turned me on to it. They are always at the Toledo “Weak Signals” show, too.

Anyway, it’s really good stuff and I’m sorry for the long post!



Thanks for the post Mike!
Take your automotive repairs to the MAX. 1 drop does it all!

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