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Pasco Fix Glue Demonstration from Netherlands

Watch as our Dutch friend demonstrates the powerful and quick applications of Pasco Fix German Adhesive. If you have tried various types of super glue before and have been left wanting, watch how easy Pasco Fix works to create a strong and quick bond. Pasco Fix is the original German Super Glue, going strong now […]

How to fix ABS plastic motorcycle body parts with Pasco Fix

Watch as a Pasco Fix salesperson demonstrates LIVE at a motorcycle show how to repair ABS plastic motorcycle body parts like motorcycle fairings and shrouds.  He starts by preparing the surface and roughing it up, then uses a combination of Pasco Fix Glue, Pasco Fill, and Pasco Accelerator.  This combination makes ABS plastic repair a […]

Watch the Pasco Fix Demonstration Video

Watch this informative Pasco Fix demonstration video, as items are repaired instantly one after another without any video editing. From model airplanes to shoes to pipes and plastic and more. Pasco Fix glue is one of the most versatile repair products available on the market. Take your DIY repairs to the MAX. One drop of […]

Repairing an Automotive Plastic Radiator

Big thanks to PascoFix.Si for this great video!  Here the demonstration shows a plastic radiator from a vehicle.  While the video is not in English, you can clearly see the proper steps to making the radiator repair. Pasco Fix is the highest quality German Super Glue available on the market today. Take your repairs to […]

Repairing Spider Cracks on Honda Fit Fog Light

Ok, this goes down as the most creative way to fix “spider cracks” in a glass headlight!  Pasco Fix is ideal for fixing headlights, foglights, windshields, plastic auto lenses, and much more!  As originally posted on Honda Fit Forums, this creative genius writing as forum member “macbuddy” posted this on February 25, 2011: About a […]

Fix Gelcoat Cracks and Holes with Pasco Fix and Fill

Here’s a great user testimonial about fixing gelcoat cracks and holes using a combination of Pasco Fix and Pasco Fill.  This originally appeared on Rum Runner Racing Forum on October 2, 2003 by forum member“pcf21″:   After posting a response to RvE about gelcoat cracks, I did a search to see if anyone had made any […]

How to glue LGB plastic parts

Need to fix LGB plastic parts on your model trains?  This excerpt originally appeared on where different methods and glues were tried to repair this type of plastic.   Here’s a great testimonial about how Pasco Fix works great for model trains: Post by “pagosarr” on March 30, 2009: Just wanted y’all to know […]

Fixing the roll bars on a 1964 Mercury Comet model

Here’s another great use of the Pasco Fix and Pasco Fill combination to fix plastic roll bars on a car model.  This demonstrates how Pasco Fix clearly goes beyond regular model glue.  This article originally appeared in the MassCar Model Club newsletter Fall 2013: Building something – Part 4 1964 Mercury Comet Warren Moffatt Well, […]

How To Fix Corvette Cracked Interior Pieces

This article discussing how to fix corvette cracked interior pieces appeared in the Corvette Action Center forum on August 08, 2006: A DIFFERENT cheap fix for cracked interior pieces I noticed in the other recent thread on this topic that his dash reskin project started with a very small crack. I thought Id share with […]